Scot Lehrer - T-Mobile - Opening in July of 2023 in Gloucester Virginia

Scot Lehrer - T-Mobile

Scot Lehrer - T-Mobile... I'm a Retail Store Manager with 30+ years wireless experience. I started with a different wireless company but I didn't like the direction they were going and how they treated their customers. I made the move to T-Mobile 19 years ago, They shook up the industry in 2003 by  changing the game and becoming the "Uncarrier".  T-Mobiles first priority is to obsess over our customers & give you the best service at the best price. Including our Home & Business internet.  Scot moved from Queens, NY and moved to Grafton, Virginia 35 years ago.  Scot is a member of the Gloucester Business Professionals.

What is trending with T-Mobile?

The hot trend right now is our unlimited internet for your home or business for as low as $30 a month. We're currently expanding our service in the Gloucester area to provide even better service in more places. There's so many great promotions going on. We'll buy you out of your current wireless carriers contract up to $1000 for each line. We have many iphone and Android specials, even phones on us! We're crossing our fingers that June 23rd will remain our Grand Opening. Keep an eye out here or social media for updates. We'll have fun, food, giveaways and of course deals. Come meet myself and my incredible team Bryian, Tony, Tyler, Brittany, Mel, Camden, Sarah and Casey. We will all be out painting the town Magenta. We can't wait to meet everyone in the community!