Jerrid Cutter - Loyalty Canine Services - Gloucester Virginia

Transforming Your Dog

Loyalty Canine Services of Gloucester Virginia offers some of the best dog training packages with the obedience is built in to each class. Obedience is the foundation that allows many other things to change. I take the time to build a relationship with your dog before any training takes place. Your dog’s trust and having a good bond with me allows for a more pleasurable learning experience to take place. Then we can focus on fixing what ever issues you need changed about your dog. Good manners and behavior are worked on as soon as training starts.  Our service area includes; Newport News, Gloucester, Mathews, Williamsburg, James City County.  Call us at 804-393-3915 to get our 1, 2, or 3 week program.



Phone: (804) 393-3915

6699 Fox Center PKWY #410
Gloucester, Va. 23061