Ashley Chriscoe solar power expert is a member of the Gloucester Business ProfessionalsPromotions:

Ambassador program: This is a program that allows you to be paid for any project that you bring to me.  I make the proposal and the pitch and when they install it pays you $1,000.00

Power join:  This link gives you insight into what I am doing and the company behind it.  This would get you to do what I am doing with me and the mentor that I am learning under, and you can make this a career option like I currently am doing.

There is tremendous opportunity and I really enjoy what I am doing.  Call me and we can discuss anything else you may want to know.


Ashley Chriscoe - Solar Panel Sales

Ashley Chriscoe is a native of Gloucester County Virginia. He grew up to parents that owned a custom home construction company and the youngest of four boys. Married with 2 kids of his own and 3 bonus children from his wife Kathryn. For the last 22 years I have been selling and promoting environmentally conscious products ranging from the landscaping field to the commercial print industry. Recently he moved into Solar industry partnering with Redemption Energy and Powur Energy. We provide solutions to ever increasing power bills by engineering solar solutions to reduce your power usage and bill to save owners money each month.

This link gets you signed up to earn $1,000 per customer that you provide that installs solar on their home and or business.

Ashley Chriscoe

Redemption Energy


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