Dick Wilton - Commercial Photographer - Member of the Gloucester Business Professionals

Dick Welton - Commercial Photographer

Dick Welton, who has been a commercial photographer for more the 50 years, started his professional career in New York where he worked for Irving Penn Studios for 8 months. He then worked for Leon Kuzmanoff, who learned his photography from Anzel Adams, for 9 years before moving to Brazil to work for the largest magazine publisher in Latin America – Editores Block. He then left that company and started his own commercial photography business which was successful until he returned to the states after 18 years there. While working in Brazil, he worked for many well known international clients such as IBM, General Foods, Coca Cola, Seagrams and others. His photographs were displayed at the Museum of Modern Art in Rio and the Museum of the Dragon of the Sea in Bahia.
He returned to Gloucester where he has been supporting local artists. He is currently working with Gloucester’s Village Black Smith George Cramer as well as running the Phoenix Art Group, a non-profit corporation dedicated to promoting the young artists in Gloucester County.

Contact Information

Dick Welton
Phone: 804-693-6654
Email: dickw1@cox.net


Technical training: Rochester Institute of Technology Summer Course in Photography 1960.

Work experience: 02-08 1961 – Irving Penn Studio, New York City –in charge of black and white dark room.
08/1961 – 08/1968 – Studio manager Leon Kuzmanoff Studio servicing the following clients:
The Big “A”, Philco, VW, Champion Spark Plugs,
Coats and Clarks, Holiday Magazine, RCA Victor TV, Esso,
General Foods and others
1968 – Moved to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to work for the largest magazine publisher
in Latin America Manchete.
1969 – Left Manchete and opened my own Commercial Phtography business.
1971 – Had an 100 photograph exhibition in Museum of Modern Art in Rio of my
picture of Juazireo Do Norte in Brazil – a famous city known for the
faith healing of Padre Cicero.
1971-1974: Designed and build 5000 sq. ft studio.
1974 – Was a photography judge with Maureen Brassiliat and others at the summer
Festival at Sabara, Minas Gerais.
1975 – Photographed the Coca Cola Campaign “It’s the real thing” for Coca Cola
Brazil with New York art director Harvey Tudanger.
1975 – 1978: Continued to expand my list of American and Brazilian Commercial
Photography clients: Arp Fabrics, Electrobras, Embrafilm, Surry Air Conditioners, Conec,
Merck, Cobra Computers, Celina Decorations, Sheraton Hotels, and IBM
1980 – I started the first photography course in Brazil based on a 12 volume set
made by Time/ Life which I translated into Portuguese and
illustrated with 900 black and white slides. Photographers came to
this from all over Brazil including working photojournalists
working on newspapers and magazines in Rio. I taught this course
sporadically over 8 years and two of my students won Fulbright
Scholarships to study photography in the USA. Pedro Lobo was
one of the scholarship winners and he is now world famous for
his documentation of the slums in Rio and other places.
1982 – 1983: Joined the ABNT (Brazilian Technical Standards Association) where I
researched the quality of Brazilian Photographic products as well
as traveling to the USA to get the latest information on Archival
Processing Techniques for the ABNT.
1988 – Returned to the states and tried unsuccessfully to start a photography
business in Gloucester.
2006 – Returned to Brazil and Photographed Juazeiro do Norte again (after 34 years).
2008 – There was a photography show of my pictures from 1971 and 2006 at the
Museum of the Dragon by the Sea – the largest museum in the
north of Brazil titled “Cariari Revisitada”.
2005 – Elected President of the Art League of Gloucester but resigned in April and
formed the Phoenix Art Group which became a 501-C-3 non-profit
corporation in 2007. The organization had been promoting the
young artists in Gloucester County since then.
2010 – Joined forces with Kay Van Dyke by assuming the promotion of events for
Gloucester Arts on Main and was elected to the Board of Trustees in
2011 – The Phoenix Art Group became the Fiscal Agent for Gloucester Arts on Main and
receives donations for the gallery.
- The Phoenix Art Group became the Fiscal Agent so Gloucester Arts on Main could get a
Grant from the Virginia Commission for the Arts to help cover our daily
expenses until Gloucester Arts on Main receives its 501-C-3 certification by
the IRS.
2011-2016 - Promotional Director for Gloucester Arts on Main photographing and writing articles
about events and artists which have been published in the local newspapers.
Last year had more than 100 newspaper articles published. In 2015, was
elected Vice Chairman of THE Board of Directors of Gloucester Arts on Main – today
Known as “Arts on Main”. Phone: 804-693-6654, cell: 646-369-5227.
2016-2019- I terminated my activities at Arts on Main and have dedicated myself to the activities of the
Phoenix Art Group as well as promoting upcoming artists like the Village Blacksmith
George Cramer.