Gloucester Business Professionals

The Gloucester Business Professionals was formed in 2005 to promote businesses in the Gloucester area of Virginia.  The group generates leads and referrals for it’s members, but our main focus is the sharing of idea’s, brain storming, and forming lasting friendships with our members.

About Our Meetings


We meet every Tuesday at 9 am to 10 am


6597 Main Street
Gloucester, Virginia 23061

Please support Olivia’s our host for the Gloucester Business Professionals –

We believe

We put together a list of things that we believe:

· Healthy, profitable businesses are built on a foundation of lasting, trusting relationships. (40% of our members have been members for 6 or more years.)
· Great referrals result from trusting relationships.
· Networking groups should go beyond referrals and keep on top of the pulse of the business community.
· Networking groups should provide business tips and learning experiences that lead to healthy, profitable businesses.

Our Focus

Our focus is on helping our members grow their business and establish themselves in Gloucester.

You will be greeted warmly and encouraged to take advantage of the relationships we build, the learning we provide, and the referrals that result.
We all have limited time and money to commit to networking. We don’t believe in time-consuming rules. Your investment of time is up to you and we keep our annual membership fee to a minimum.

Questions About Our Group

Questions about the Gloucester Business Professionals please contact us.

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The Gloucester Business Professionals offers it members, Free advertise on our website, networking, leads, your own sales force.